Friday, January 30, 2009

French Doors: Folding Sliding French Doors & Composite French Doors

French doors are gorgeous doors that contain glass windows. These windows are sometimes alternately known as lights. The majority of the time, they will be double doors. These florid panels contain multiple unique characteristics that set them apart from other doors. These designs generally include: Double Glazed glass, elaborate wood carvings, and sometimes even stained glass. Sliding and folding designs of French doors like uPVC french doors, sliding french doors, are also manufactured, and they are gaining in popularity like composite doors.

French doors often replace patio doors to allow more light into the home. In fact, they can be common in every entrance of the house. They make great front entryways, and can be secured to the ground with locks for security. Many people elect to feature them in every room of their house, because they add light and a wonderful ambiance to every room they're featured in.

There are various styles of French doors currently available. The most prevalent style are double ones. These can be installed in bathrooms, bedrooms, or the office and swing open nicely to give the room an inviting atmosphere. Double French doors come in two styles: In-swing, which are hung so they open into a room, and out-swing panels which open to the outside of the room. The style of your liking can be determined by where you plan to put the them.

Another option is folding or multi panel ones. Folding French doors are a double one that slides into a panel to save space. This design adds both light and a modern look to your outdoor patio or room. These can either open partially or fully and are hinged together like an accordion and are mounted on a single track for convenient opening and closing.

French doors can either be installed inside or outside of the home, and will always give the area you choose a stylish and modern look.

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